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How to make a casting mold for metal

Combining Rapid Prototyping with Manufacturing Technology for Ceramic Mould in Investment Casting is an effective method for rapidly making metal die.

5-axis linkage machiningMetal mold casting mold design uw2xg so high degree of superheat Swedish hot stamping die, aluminum extrusion die. After the second drying, the yellow mold is transported to the black area modeling department by the drying cart to fill the box, and the drying car returns to the molding room.
At this point, the white area process is all over.

Modeling department

The molding department consists of two molding lines and one return box line. The circulation operation of the sand box is completed by the sand box rail and the manual rail changing vehicle. Each production line consists of the number of sand boxes required by the process.
Each molding line consists of a single-dimensional vibrating table and two variable-frequency three-dimensional vibrating tables.
The well-made sand box enters two casting cooling lines in turn, and the pouring cooling line is composed of a vacuum docking machine.
After the pouring cooling line enters a certain number of sand boxes, the vacuum docking machine automatically docks, the gasoline engine
Therefore, in order to successfully complete the optimization and upgrading of the mold industry, it should be steadily and steadily promoted under the guidance of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” to achieve the ultimate upgrade target.

Metal casting mold design

Manual pouring.
After the pouring is completed, the pressure is maintained and cooled. After the pressure is maintained, the vacuum docking machine is reset, the vacuum is removed, and after the pressure is maintained, the cooling section is cooled.
At the same time as the casting of the two casting lines, the sanding box of the molding line is sequentially inserted into the two casting lines to wait for pouring, and the actions of the first two casting lines are repeated, thereby circulating.
The styling department adopts the -frequency three-dimensional vibration table, its structure and working principle: the machine is powered by three pairs of excitation motors.
Each pair of excitation motors runs synchronously in opposite directions, forming a combined force in three directions (,, respectively, so that the vibrating table and the sand box above it vibrate with a certain acceleration to complete the compaction of the dry sand in the sand box. Resin
The vibrating table is supported by an air spring, which can be lifted and lowered, which makes the sand box more stable during the tapping process and prevents the sand from being squeezed into a white mold.
In addition, the vibrating table is equipped with a pneumatic automatic clamping device.
It realizes the quick, convenient and flexible operation of the sand box and the vibrating table.
Vacuum negative pressure system
The vacuum system is the main equipment of the lost foam casting process. Its function is to create a stable negative pressure field for the negative pressure sand box, so that the dry sand can reach a certain degree of compaction under atmospheric pressure, and at the same time, the foam model is gasified. The generated foreign matter such as gas and dust particles is sucked away, and the pouring is carried out smoothly and orderly.
The vacuum system consists of two water ring vacuum pumps, dust filters, pressure tanks, water tanks, and vacuum docking machines. White latex
This success led to further production of the valve body in their lost mold.
casting mold product

Metal casting mold design

The water ring vacuum pump is a localization of German technology, with stable performance and high efficiency.
The working process of the machine is to first pump the waste gas in the sand box to the wet dust collector, and the purified exhaust gas filtered by the dust collector enters the surge tank (the surge tank functions to stabilize the negative pressure to prevent the negative pressure value) Excessive fluctuations cause adverse effects on the negative pressure of the flask. The surge tank is connected to the water ring vacuum pump. The exhaust gas is pumped from the surge tank to the vacuum pump and sent to the gas water separator. The exhaust gas separated by the gas and water is discharged. In the atmosphere, the separated water is recycled.
The hydraulic tumbling machine of the system can realize the automatic falling sand function of the sand box and reduce the labor intensity of workers. The teacher explained to us when the wool engine and the eagle are in comparison.
Sand treatment system
After pouring, the cooled castings are transported to the returning box with the manual change rail car, and the sand box is manually pushed to the hydraulic tumbling machine for tumbling. After the cascading, the castings fall on the falling sand grille and are transported to the casting cleaning department. Process operations.
At this time, the hot dry sand flows into the vibrating conveyor sifting machine evenly through the falling sand hopper. After sieving, the impurities in the sand, the sand block, the large iron bean burrs and the like flow into the waste hopper.
Because the falling sand temperature is very high, the sieve plate is made of stainless steel.
The hot sand is lifted by the high temperature resistant chain hoist into the air selection, magnetic separator, wind selection and magnetic separation.
The dust enters the dust removal system from the dust removal port of the air separator, and the magnetic substances such as iron beans are separated by magnetic separation and fall into the waste bin. The other three coatings are better for anti-sticking sand.
Integrated steam transfer station technology (integrated steam inlet / condensate drain) - saves steam and reduces mold change time.

Metal casting mold design

This equipment is the localization of German products.
After the wind selection, the hot sand after magnetic separation flows into the boiling cooling bed uniformly. The hot sand is blown up by the high-pressure air in the boiling bed, continuously tumbling, boiling forwards into a fluid state, and repeatedly exchanges heat with the water-cooled tube for heat exchange. Until the end of the bubbling bed flows from the sand outlet to the bucket elevator.
At the same time, the hot sand exchanges heat with the normal temperature air, and the dust in the sand enters the dust removal system along with the hot air.
This equipment is a domestically produced product of Japanese technology. It is today's lost foam casting, "" method casting, international and domestic good sand cooling equipment.
The cooled dry sand is lifted by the bucket lifter into the intermediate sand reservoir.
The role of the intermediate sand library:
A large amount of spare sand is stored, so that the entire line of modeling sand is always in the closed circuit for recycling to improve the working environment of workers.
The amount of sand used for buffering.
When the production process requires falling sand, the box is not required to fill the box to sculpt the shape, or vice versa, that is, when the falling sand and the shape do not need to be synchronized, the setting of the intermediate buffer sand bucket can guarantee the realization of this requirement.
The dry sand of the middle sand reservoir enters the linear vibrating screening machine through the automatic sanding door. The function of the linear vibrating screening machine is: 1 screening large particles, 2 screening fine sand and dust below the mesh, sand permeability of the sand, 3 sand in the sand During the process of vibration advancement, heat exchange with normal temperature air, the heated air is pumped away by the dust removal system, and the temperature of the molding sand is lowered to reduce the pressure of the dust removal system. In addition, the performance of the investment mold itself should be as simple as possible for the subsequent process of forming the shell. Improve the suspension of paint

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