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PTJ Manufacturing Shop (PTJ) has a 10 year long track record of machining parts and components with industry leading precision. Today, our cnc turning services are the centerpiece of our high precision machining capabilities.
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CNC Turning Services at PTJ

Our factory, Dongguan headquarters is Certified to ISO 9001:2015 as well as AS9100 Rev D and our second plant in Hunan, China is Certified to ISO 9001:2015 as well as TS16949 — Our CNC turning machines are manufactured by industry specialists, including:

  • Japan Vertical cnc Lathes
  • Shenyang Horizontal Turning Machines
  • Foshan Precision Equipments
  • Mazak turn-mill combination

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We bar feed our lathes up to 3” (75mm) in diameter and chuck work pieces up to 10” (254mm) in diameter. We are also equipped to perform a wide variety of CNC turning processes:

  • Hard turning — A process designed to replace grinding processes used for hardened materials.
  • Facing — Facing creates a large planar surface, or a face, on an end of the workpiece.
  • Grooving and face grooving — The process of cutting grooves of predetermined depth into the sides or face of a workpiece.
  • Drilling — Used primarily to remove material from the interior of a workpiece beginning at its face, more advanced CNC turning machines can stop workpiece rotation and drill or mill off center or cross center to work piece.
  • Boring — The process of enlarging pre-drilled holes with a single-point tool.
  • Reaming — The process of enlarging pre-drilled holes with a multi-fluted tool designed to cut to size of the diameter of the tool.

Why PTJ CNC Turning Services?

  • Two-axis turning delivers peak cost efficiency in shorter volumes, as well as high capacity production of mechanically simple components.view more machine list here.
  • Multi-axis turning centers are extremely cost-efficient at higher volumes, and especially effective at replicating complex geometries. Our CNC turning services include multi-axis centers with up to 4+any axes of motion.
  • Turn-mill combinationis a PTJ specialty. PTJ is the preferred precision CNC turning company by customers who need parts of exceptionally high precision and small size.

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Professional Turning origins from details

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The foundation of these achievements is a productivity factor that never varies at PTJ: the presence of skillful, knowledgeable machining and engineering experts. They work closely with customers to create stocking plans, ERP programs and backup inventories that eliminate supply bottlenecks for your CNC milling services.Every turned component, from the simplest prototype to the most intricate high-volume production run, benefits from the presence of skillful, knowledgeable CNC turning industry professionals.
Our staff of engineers, materials experts, and experienced craftsmen, are on call to make sure PTJ's customers have total confidence in their source of supply.

Certifications & Quality Machining

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PTJ Manufacturing meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world's most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and trained professionals. A few of them include:
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Fully compliant with the exacting requirements of our customers
  • Compliance in DFARS materials sourcing requirements
  • Mature cost accounting system, saving money for customers, we promise not to make extra profits
  • Skilled in ERP and other customer driven quality and inventory management systems
  • Efficient machining system ensures rapid delivery
To learn more or to obtain a no-obligation estimate from PTJ on an upcoming turning project, contact us.
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Are you already thinking of availing CNC turn service? We can be a good services. We are a team of skilled professionals, who have a huge experience in providing quality metal cnc machining services. To know more about our services, please get in touch with our experts today. You can reach out to us both, via phone, as well as email. Give us a call on +86 15118255600, or simply mail us your requirements at

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