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Vertical cnc machining Center Disadvantages

In the machining parts of CNC lathes, the process should be divided according to the principle of process concentration, and most or even all surfaces should be processed as much as possible under one clamping.

Division of CNC Lathe Machining ProcessDepending on the structural shape of the part, the outer garden, end face or inner hole clamp is usually selected, and the design basis, process reference and programming origin are guaranteed as much as possible. In mass production, the following two methods are commonly used to divide the process:

  • According to the surface of the part processing. The surface with higher positional accuracy is arranged under one clamping, so as to avoid the installation error caused by multiple clamping affecting the positional accuracy.
  • Divided by rough and fine processing. For parts with large blanks and high machining accuracy, the roughing and finishing vehicles should be separated into two or more processes. The rough car is arranged on a CNC lathe with lower precision and higher power, and the finishing car is arranged on a CNC lathe with higher precision.
The division of CNC lathe processing mainly considers the production program, the equipment used and the structure and technical requirements of the parts themselves. In the case of mass production, if a multi-axis, multi-knife high-efficiency machining center is used, the production can be organized according to the principle of process concentration; if it is processed on an automatic line composed of a combined machine tool, the process is generally divided according to the principle of dispersion.

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