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Important factor for machining successfully

cnc machining center processes are concentrated, and the processed parts are generally complicated. The machining process requires a variety of tools, which requires the fixture to withstand both large cutting forces and positioning accuracy requirements

important factor for machiningPTJ Shop can increase production efficiency in multi-variety and small-volume production, reduce production preparation time, machine adjustment and process inspection time, and reduce cutting time due to the use of optimal cutting amount, providing users with more timely delivery. The fixtures of the cycle and cnc machining center are of course indispensable. The task of the fixture is not only to clamp the workpiece, but the selection of the CNC machining center fixture is critical.

The high flexibility of the CNC four-axis machining center or the five-axis linkage cnc machining center requires that the fixture be compact and simpler than the ordinary machine tool, minimize the auxiliary time, make the operation control convenient, labor-saving, safe, and ensure sufficient rigidity. Be flexible and changeable. Choosing the right fixture should pay attention to the precision, batch size, processing cycle and processing cost of the machined parts.

In order to properly select the fixture, we must first have a deep understanding of the machining characteristics of the CNC machining center. CNC machining tools for CNC milling are called CNC milling machines or CNC machining centers. The lathe for CNC turning is called the CNC turning center. CNC machining G code can be programmed manually, but usually the machining shop uses CAM software to automatically read CAD files and generate G code programs to control CNC machine tools. CNC computer processing is the driving part of CNC machine tool actuators, including spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor. He drives the spindle and feed through an electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system under the control of a numerical control unit. When several feeds are linked, the positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve can be processed. Taking into account various factors, the choice of economical and reasonable fixtures can achieve twice the result with half the effort, in order to maximize the role of CNC machining centers.

PTJ Machining Capabilities

Automatic Bar Machining Multi-spindle cam automatic screw machines
CNC Turning – CNC delivers peak cost efficiency in shorter volumes, as well as high capacity production of mechanically simple components
Custom Machining - with up to 12 axes of control
Multi Spindle Machining- ISO 9001:2015 certified
Screw Machine Products – The number of customized production parts per hour can reach 10000pcs
Swiss Machining – with up to 9 axes of CNC control, to produce precision components with complex geometries in one operation
High Volume Machining – 100 Advanced Production Turning Bar Automatics On-line and Ready
CNC Milling - Machining Fully compliant with the exacting requirements of our customers
5 axis (11 axis) Machining – Tolerance | 0.1mm alignment

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