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6 common nut tap breaking cases

This article describes the 6 common nut tap breaking cases

nut tap breaking casesSix common situations for the analysis of nut tap breakage:

  • During the tapping process, the operator's hands are unbalanced, causing the direction of the force to change and breaking the tap. This happens mostly in the machining of smaller diameter threads.
  • The bottom hole diameter does not match the nut tap. For example, when machining M5×0.5 thread, the Ø4.5mm drill bit should be drilled. If the Ø4.2mm drill bit suitable for M5 is misused, the torque will increase because the hole diameter becomes smaller and the tap is not matched. At this time, if the operator still does not find that the wrong tap is continued and the tapping is continued, the nut tap break phenomenon will inevitably occur.
  • When machining the blind hole thread, when the nut tap is about to contact the bottom of the hole, and the operator does not realize that the tap is still fed at the tapping speed of the bottom of the hole, the tap must be broken.
  • When processing the blind hole thread, if some of the chips are not discharged in time and filled in the bottom of the hole, if the operator forcibly continues to tap, the tap will also be broken.
  • There is a problem with the quality of the tap itself, which is one of the reasons for the breakage of the tap during the tapping process.
  • At the beginning of tapping, the tap is not positioned correctly. The axis of the nut tap is not the same as the center line of the bottom hole. The torque is too large during the tapping process, which is the main reason for the tap breaking. At present, the front end of the manual nut tap is tapered, and the initial working surface is in point contact with the bottom hole. The concentricity of the tap and the bottom hole is maintained by the skill and experience of the operator, and the tap is pressed under force. At the same time, the hands are balanced to twist the tap. So many things must be done at the same time, even advanced technicians with good technical skills are not always accurate in manual tapping.

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