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Mobile phone parts and its fixture machining case studies - PTJ Shop

Mobile phone parts and its fixture

The popularity of mobile phone metal casings now brings vitality to metal cutting manufacturing and also poses great challenges. Some of the small spare parts have the characteristics of high precision, extremely short delivery time, huge batch size and extremely fast replacement.

Mobile phone parts and its fixture
The high-efficiency clamping method of PTJ fixture makes the CNC machine tool fully realize its advantages and become high efficiency.
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PTJ Machining Capabilities

Automatic Bar Machining capacity for parts from 1/16" to 2 5/8”
CNC Turning – CNC multi-axis machining centers for superior speed & flexibility
Custom Machining - expert machined components delivered on time
Multi Spindle Machining- Davenport, Euro turn, New Britain & Acme Gridley
Screw Machine Products – precision components from a broad variety of materials & Equipment
Swiss Machining – micro-parts to 1-1/4 round diameter providing speed, high capability including precision tolerances and specialized finishes
High Volume Machining – Specialized in machined parts exceeding 1,000 pieces up to millions of pieces for optimum efficiency
CNC Milling - Machining from bar stock, plate or block metal using up to 3 axis of motion
5 axis (11 axis) Machining – Multi Axis Multi spindle technology for completing complex parts efficiently in one operation. C=0 sampling plan & equipment versatility provide one stop shop capability for a variety of applications

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