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Application of Precision Parts Machining in Mobile Phone Case Industry

Application of Precision Parts Machining in Mobile Phone Case Industry

The mobile phone can be said to be an essential electronic product in our daily life, and it has promoted the development of our communication era.

Application of Precision Parts Machining in Mobile Phone Case Industry

But do you know that many parts in mobile phones are processed by precision parts machining manufacturers? The following will be taken by Dongguan PTJ Shop to take a closer look at the role of precision parts machining in the mobile phone manufacturing industry.

Take the iPhone developed and manufactured by Foxconn. Iphone can be said to have been a very popular mobile phone brand, and the body of iphone is generally aluminum alloy frame, and whether it is 5s or later 6s-iPhone XS Max is aluminum alloy body, and aluminum alloy body is Produced by precision machining of precision CNC lathes. Aluminium alloy shells of almost all brands of mobile phones are made by precision machining, because this kind of shell is more beautiful, smooth and drop-resistant than ordinary shells.

So is only the phone case related to precision machining? In fact, there are many parts that we can't see that have an inseparable relationship with precision machining, such as very small nuts in mobile phones, because these nuts are actually customized according to the needs of mobile phone manufacturers. There are almost no standards, and the requirements for precision are very high, so almost all of them depend on the production of precision parts, and many parts such as silver needles in mobile phones rely on precision machining.

Mainly the 4 principles followed when machining precision parts have brought a good effect to the mobile phone case. as follows:
1.The benchmark comes first
That is, the reference surface is processed first. During the machining process, the appearance of the positioning reference should be processed first, so as to provide a precise reference for the subsequent machining as soon as possible.

2. Division of machining stages
Appearances with high requirements for machining quality are divided into machining stages, which can generally be divided into three stages: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. It is mainly to ensure the machining quality; it is conducive to scientific application equipment; it is convenient to arrange the heat treatment process; and it is convenient to find the blank defects when it is convenient.

3.Front and back
For boxes, brackets and connecting rods, planes should be machined first and then holes should be machined. In this way, the holes can be machined in a plane position, the accuracy of the plane and hole position is ensured, and the machining of the holes in the plane is facilitated.

4. Finishing
The finishing of the main surface, such as grinding, honing, fine grinding, rolling, etc., should be placed at the end of the process route. The general principles for formulating the machining route of precision parts and the formulation of the machining rules for precision parts can be divided into two parts. The first is to draw up the process route of part machining, and then determine the process size, equipment and process equipment, cutting specifications, working hours quota, etc. of each process.

In fact, precision machining and precision parts machining are common in many things in our daily lives, but we laymen can't pay attention to them.

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