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What are the main difficulties in the machining of aluminum alloy body parts?

Machining of aluminum alloy body parts

In the process of processing, the processing route is selected for different profiles, plates and loading conditions .

conventional <a href= target='_blank'>cnc machining</a>(1) Tool path selection: Due to the external dimensions of the body parts and the characteristics of the aluminum alloy machining material, special requirements must be placed on the processing equipment and the tools used for machining, such as chassis processing, side wall processing, and body machining. The equipment is specially manufactured to meet machining accuracy. The processing of each component is mostly polyhedral processing. The three-axis or more linkage machining is not very useful. At present, although the machine tool is five-axis, except for the five-axis linkage in the tool change process, the other machining parts do not use five-axis linkage, but the workpiece size is smaller. Large, it is difficult to install the card, as far as possible to ensure that the card is processed once, which requires the machine to achieve multi-face machining.

(2) Machining vibration and tool selection: In view of the processing vibration, the tool must be required. In addition to satisfying the processing characteristics of the aluminum alloy, these tools must have sufficient toughness to reduce damage to the tool due to machining vibration. Tool life. Most of the aluminum machining alloy body parts are post-weld processing, so most of them are deformed. It is necessary to avoid overcutting. In order to meet the welding and assembly requirements, measures must be taken to measure during machining, and each point measured is combined with the machining program. It can only be processed before it is used. The measurement cycles used here are CYCLE730 and CYCLE740. Some special parts are necessary for measurement. For example, the front panel is processed. Because the thickness of the panel is 35mm and the maximum removal amount cannot exceed 3mm, you must find the highest point on the panel. Otherwise, it will inevitably be over-processed. Finding the highest point requires The measurement procedure is complete.

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