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Machining characteristics of aluminum alloy body parts?

machining aluminum alloy body parts

PTJ has been engaged in the CNC lathe processing industry for 12 years and is indispensable for the selection requirements of the above-mentioned CNC lathe processing manufacturers. According to your own needs, your product needs several machines to process. Your production needs must meet some regulations, and finally you will choose a large number of processing manufacturers. Not big companies will do well, and there are often big differences. For small orders, big companies may not be so valued and cause unnecessary damage .

Machining aluminum alloy body parts (1) The strength and hardness are lower than that of copper machining, and the machinability is better.

(2) It is easy to stick a knife during processing to form a knife, and the surface roughness of the machined surface becomes large.

(3) The organization is not dense enough to obtain a small roughness

(4) Tool life is generally higher

(5) It is easy to cause deformation when loading and processing, and the surface of the workpiece is also easy to be scratched or scratched.

(6) The expansion coefficient is larger, and the dimensional accuracy is more prominent.

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