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The method of bend sheet metal

A stamping process of bending a sheet, a pipe or a profile into a certain curvature or angle and obtaining a part having a certain shape and size is called bending.
There are many methods for forming a curved plate on a surface of a metal material, which is determined by the plasticity of the metal material and the machining cost.
Processing technology is generally divided into hot processing and cold processing.
Cold-working, metal-made materials with curved surfaces can be clamped, milled, stamped, rolled, etc.;
Hot working can be done by casting (melting the metal into the mold) and forging (putting the metal sheet into the mold by stamping).
If you use stamping, you need a punch that is the shape of the mold you want. No mold is not so good to process just by punching.

I don't know what kind of metal material you are. If it is an iron plate or a stainless steel plate of 3mm or less, you are not as good as using a hammer to hit the hammer.

The bending and forming of sheet metal bent sheet metal is carried out on a bending machine.
The workpiece to be formed is placed on the bending machine, the brake shoe is lifted by the lifting lever, the workpiece is slid to the proper position, and then the brake shoe is applied. The sheet is lowered onto the workpiece to be formed, and the bending of the metal is achieved by applying a force to the bending lever on the bending machine.

Sheet bending forming process characteristics

There are many types of parts that can be processed by the bending process, such as car stringers, bicycle handlebars, instrument housings, door hinges, and the like.
The most common bending process is to use a mold to bend the blank on a common press, in addition to bending on a bending machine, bending with a bending machine, and bending with a bending machine. Although the forming methods are different, the deformation process and mechanism have many identical laws.
At the beginning of the bending, there is only a rotation between the fulcrum and the sheet, and there is no obvious relative slip. After that, as the sheet is pressed by the punch, the fulcrum and the sheet slip, so it is possible to rub the outer surface of the sheet. hurt. It should be pointed out that the friction of the fulcrum of the die during the bending process has a significant effect on ensuring the straightness of the two side walls of the corner.
The greater the mass of the residual material outside the fulcrum, the faster the die is lowered, and the sides after the bending. The more straight the wall is. The magnitude of the positive pressure outside the fulcrum depends on the thickness of the plate, the quality of the remaining plates on both sides, the speed at which the punch drops, and the span between the two points of the die.

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