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The precision of modern precision machining and its surface finish are higher than traditional processing methods.Read about what the precision service and etc.Precision machining processes include precision miiling and cutting (such as diamond boring, precision turning, wide-blade fine grazing, etc.) and high-gloss and high-precision grinding. Precision machining precision is generally 10~0.1μm, tolerance class is above IT5, and surface roughness Ra is below 0.1μm.

Precision machining is the process of cutting a very thin layer of metal on the surface of a workpiece with a high or low cutting speed, a very low cutting depth and a feed with high precision and rigidity. Obviously, this process can significantly improve the machining accuracy of the part. Since the residual area of the cutting process is small, and the adverse effects of cutting force, cutting heat and vibration are eliminated to the utmost extent, the surface deterioration layer left by the previous process can be effectively removed, and the surface after processing is basically free of residual pull. The stress and roughness are also greatly reduced, which greatly improves the quality of the machined surface.

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High-precision grinding also requires high precision and rigidity of the machine. The grinding process uses a finely-trimmed grinding wheel to produce multiple contoured micro-cutting edges on each abrasive grain with a small grinding depth. Under proper grinding pressure, the fine chips are cut from the surface of the workpiece plus the sliding of the micro-cutting edge in the micro-cutter state, the pressing and smoothing action and the friction polishing effect of the multiple feed-free grinding stage. In order to obtain a high-gloss surface with high processing precision and good physical and mechanical properties. In summary, the precision machining process can improve the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece.

Milling Processes
Alloy Steels
Bar Stock
Cst Iron
Stainless Steel
Steel Forgings
Equipment Used
CNC Vertical Machining Centers
CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

Machinery Axes
Up to 72 in
Up to 30 in
Up to 30 in
Production Volume
Medium Volume
High Volume

At present, the application of precision and ultra-precision technology in China is no longer limited to a few sectors such as defense defense and aerospace. It has expanded to many areas of the national economy, and its application scale has also increased significantly. Computers, modern communications, film and television communications and other industries now require sophisticated, ultra-precision processing equipment as a supporting condition for their rapid development. Precision and ultra-precision machining of computer disks, video recorder heads, multi-face prisms for laser printers, photoconductors for copiers, etc., are all efficient and high-volume automated production methods.

PTJ Machining Capabilities

Automatic Bar Machining Multi-spindle cam automatic screw machines
CNC Turning – CNC delivers peak cost efficiency in shorter volumes, as well as high capacity production of mechanically simple components
Custom Machining - with up to 12 axes of control
Multi Spindle Machining- ISO 9001:2015 certified
Screw Machine Products – The number of customized production parts per hour can reach 10000pcs
Swiss Machining – with up to 9 axes of CNC control, to produce precision components with complex geometries in one operation
High Volume Machining – 100 Advanced Production Turning Bar Automatics On-line and Ready
CNC Milling - Machining Fully compliant with the exacting requirements of our customers
5 axis (11 axis) Machining – Tolerance | 0.1mm alignment

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