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Interpretation of the six characteristics of heat treatment of metal cutting machine parts

metal cutting machine parts

A metal cutting machine uses a cutting method to machine a metal blank into a machine part machine. It is a machine for manufacturing a machine, which we used to call a machine tool.

metal cutting machine parts

In China's machine tool industry, the size of the machine tools is different, and the number of production is different. For medium and small machine tools, mass production is generally carried out: large and heavy machine tools are produced in single or small batches. The workpiece conditions of general machine tools such as load bearing,laser cutting impact and lubrication conditions are significantly better than automobiles, tractors and heavy machinery.
The parts are the support of the whole machine tool, and the precision retention requirements are very high. Therefore, this paper focuses on the heat treatment characteristics of the machine parts, which are summarized as follows:
(1) Non-alloy (carbon) structural steel and alloy structural steel are generally used for steel. A few parts, such as inlaid steel guide rails, hardened lead screws, etc., use low alloy tool steel and bearing steel.
(2) Partial hardening and surface hardening parts There are many machine tool parts that only require high wear resistance on the local surface. Except for a few parts that are locally hardened by a salt bath furnace, most parts adopt local surface hardening method (such as Induction heating, laser heating, super audio heating, etc.) hardening.
(3) The salt-free furnace is used for the non-oxidation heating of most parts of the periodic working furnace. The vacuum furnace or the kerosene is dropped into the gas carburizing furnace to form a protective atmosphere.
(4) Precision parts require high dimensional stability. Usually one or more stabilization treatments are often arranged in the process, such as stress relief annealing, low temperature aging treatment and cold treatment, etc., to minimize residual internal stress to ensure high dimensional stability. Sex.
(5) Most steel machining parts must be pre-heat treated, such as steel castings, forgings and rolled materials, and must be pre-heat treated by annealing, normalizing or quenching and tempering to improve their strength, eliminate tissue defects and improve processing performance. : At the same time, it is also ready for the final heat treatment to reduce the heat treatment deformation.
(6) Widely used low-temperature chemical heat treatment The design of machine tool parts is mostly based on rigidity, the heat treatment requirements are small, the wear resistance is high, and the dimensional stability is good. Therefore, low temperature chemical heat treatment processes such as nitriding and nitrocarburizing have been widely used.

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