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Dongguan cnc processing technology standards and requirements

No matter which line you are doing, if you want to become a master, you must stand the experience of time and constantly improve your work ability. In the cnc machining industry in Dongguan, if you want to become a CNC master (metal cutting), you must graduate from college.

It will take at least 6 years from the factory. He must have both the theoretical level of an engineer and the practical experience and hands-on ability of a technician. Today, I will share with you: It is not difficult to learn Dongguan CNC machining? A master teaches you six steps to play Dongguan CNC machining CNC machine programming!

After such a long time of study and accumulation, you should meet the following Dongguan cnc processing technical standards and requirements:

1. Familiar with the structure and process characteristics of drilling, milling, boring, grinding and planing machines,

2. Familiar with the performance of Dongguan cnc processing materials.

3. Solid basic knowledge of tool theory, master the conventional cutting amount of the tool, etc.

4. Familiar with the company's process specifications, guidelines and general requirements that can be met by various processes in Dongguan cnc processing, and the process routes of conventional parts. Reasonable material consumption and working hours quota, etc.

5. Collect a certain amount of data on tools, machine tools, and mechanical standards. Particularly, you must be familiar with the tool system used in Dongguan cnc processing CNC machine tools.

6. Familiar with the selection and maintenance of coolant.

7. Have a common sense understanding of related types of work. For example: casting, electrical processing, heat treatment, etc.

8. Have a good fixture foundation.

9. Understand the assembly requirements and use requirements of the parts processed by Dongguan cnc.

10. There is a good foundation of measurement technology.

Dongguan cnc processing
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