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What aluminum profiles are needed to machining aerospace parts? - PTJ Manufacturing Shop

What aluminum profiles are needed to machining aerospace parts?

PTJ Manufacturing Shop is a professional manufacturer specializing in high-precision cnc external processing. It includes optical, automotive, office automation and aviation parts. The company has more than 50 sets of CNC automatic machining machine, CNC cutting machine and cnc machining center. Advanced projectors, three-coordinate detectors, spectrometers and other precision testing instruments.
Today, PTJ Manufacturing Shop shares the requirements for industrial aluminum profiles for aerospace parts processing?

aluminum profilesAlong with the rapid development of the aviation industry, higher and higher requirements for industrial aluminum semi-finished products have been put forward, especially for high-speed military and civil aircraft, which require the most complete semi-finished products, so that the structure of each component is more reasonable and the structural quality is guaranteed. Light, strong and rigid, while significantly reducing the number of parts, reducing the cost of assembly, joints and maintenance. Ensure a perfect surface (seal, no seams, no deformation, etc.).

  • Since industrial aluminum profiles are used as structural parts for key parts of the aircraft, good overall performance and uniform organization are required, especially for finished products. The coarse ring defects in the quenched products after extrusion are difficult to avoid, and it is one of the research projects that the extrusion workers all over the world have struggled for decades and have not achieved much.
  • Large industrial aluminum profiles are particularly important structural components on aircraft, requiring profiles with excellent mechanical properties. Therefore, aluminum profiles must be extruded using hard aluminum or super-hard aluminum alloys.
  • For aluminum profiles such as cross-beam girders and comb-shaped joint plates, on the one hand, the large sectional area tends to make the extrusion deformation coefficient relatively small, and on the other hand, the lateral and high directions must bear a large load, thus requiring Its lateral and high upwards have high mechanical properties. This contradiction is often an important cause of scrapping aluminum profiles.
machining aerospace partsPTJ Manufacturing Shop was established in 2007. The company is the first to pass ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and other quality management certifications. It is a rare high-paying technology enterprise with qualifications for automobile and aviation parts processing in Dongguan. The company has first-class technical research and development team and technicians. With a long experience in precision parts processing, our CNC automatic machining machine and turning-milling combined machining center have outstanding advantages in aerospace parts processing, and have the ability to manufacture most or all of the processes with one-time clamping.

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