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The Reasons For Swiss Machining's Not Standard Accuracy

The Reasons For Swiss Machining's Not Standard Accuracy

During the swiss machining process of the walk-through machine, there will be more or less jitter. In order to ensure better accuracy, we need to take some measures to avoid equipment jitter. Today I will give you a brief introduction.

  • 1. Use sharp blades to reduce the cutting force of the core machine: machine clamp blades are divided into coated blades and uncoated blades. Uncoated blades are usually sharper than coated blades, because if you want to coat the blades, you must Its passivation (ER treatment), because the sharp edges will affect the bonding strength of the coating at the edges.
  • 2. When selecting the cutting depth, avoid cutting depth equal to the radius of the tool nose arc.
  • 3. When the cutting depth is constant, the use of a smaller tip arc radius will undoubtedly reduce the cutting force, especially the radial cutting force, and the radial cutting force is to produce a slender rod-shaped tool or workpiece. The main cause of vibration. Whether it is collision or milling. At the same cutting depth, the radius of the tool nose radius is larger. The tendency of slender tool bars to vibrate is greater.
  • 4. For slender tools, the circular insertion tool can dampen vibration well. The milling cutter is opposite to the mixing cutter. The closer the lead angle is to 90°, the greater the radial cutting force and the greater the shank vibration. Therefore, in the end milling of the deep cavity of the mold, the CNC milling machine usually chooses a lead angle milling cutter with a 45° cutting angle of less than 1 mm. Usually round cutters or ball cutters are used.
  • 5. The CNC walking machine uses a slender end mill to mill deep cavities, and often uses plug-in milling. Plunge milling means that the tool enters the tool axially like a drill bit. 7 milling deep cavity. When drilling in the inner hole, the blade angle of the blade should be as small as possible. The secondary lead angle is large, and the secondary edge is processed. The contact area of the tremor on the surface is small, and it is difficult to convert the tremor into vibration. The chance of the secondary cutting edge being squeezed is also small.

  If it is found that the accuracy of the swiss cnc machining has not been up to standard, it requires users to reflect on it. There are three reasons, including:

  • 1. Do not use a small amount of lubrication: When the core walking machine is working, it often needs to perform a series of operations such as milling and cutting of the profile, because the tool and the profile will be reciprocated again and again. During this period, there will inevitably be severe friction between the tool and the profile, and the damage of the tool due to frictional heat will have to make the necessary precautions. At present, in order to effectively reduce the tool heat and cause wear, many companies will introduce the necessary cooling during the process of processing.
  • 2. Quality factor: Compared with the lubrication factor, the quality of the equipment is often more serious, because once the centering machine is determined because the quality of the equipment is not close, resulting in processing accuracy not reaching the standard, then the problem will become very troublesome to deal with.
  • 3. Operation factor: No matter how high the equipment is, the assistance of people is indispensable. When operating the heart walking machine for profile processing, the parameter settings and personal actual operating experience will affect the processing accuracy of the equipment. If the quality of the equipment is reliable, and the problem that the processing accuracy does not meet the standard still occurs, then the "operator" is often the blame.

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