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Many people often say that aluminum plates are mistaken for aluminum alloy plates, which confuse the two materials. In fact, the two materials are completely different concepts. The procurement cost and the final parts use are very different. PTJ (MINGHE) Factoryspecializes in the custom processing and mass production of high-precision aluminum alloy parts. Today, we will analyze the methods of distinguishing aluminum and aluminum alloy materials and their corresponding uses, and take a look at relevant knowledge.

First, aluminum plate

In the field of machining, aluminum sheets are usually referred to as pure aluminum, which is pressed from aluminum ingots. The shape is generally rectangular and the thickness is generally between 0.2 mm and 500 mm. The general classification method is based on the thickness and composition of the alloy. Make a distinction:

1, according to the thickness of the general five kinds, a, thin plate: thickness of 0.15 to 2mm; b, conventional plate: thickness of 2 to 6 mm; c, medium plate: 6 to 25 mm; d, thick plate: 25 to 200 Mm; e, super thick plate: 200 mm or more;

2, according to the alloy composition can be divided into: a, pure aluminum plate: pure aluminum; b, alloy aluminum plate: aluminum as the main component, adding other metal plates; c, composite aluminum plate: using a variety of composite materials Cheng, the use is generally special;

Uses: Different thickness of aluminum plate is used in different fields. Thin plates are generally used to manufacture lighting appliances and household appliances, such as microwave oven casings, automobile decorative parts, etc.; thick plates are generally used in aviation, military, shipbuilding and other fields;

Second, alloy aluminum plate

Alloy aluminum plate refers to the addition of various alloying elements in aluminum, such as copper, magnesium, chromium, zinc, silicon and other alloy-type materials formed by extrusion, and the industrial fields used are also different. The thickness is generally more than 2 mm, which is also a kind of aluminum plate. The aluminum alloy plate is generally divided into many series. The alloy composition of different series is different, and the material characteristics and use naturally form a difference;

At present, there are generally seven series of alloy aluminum plates commonly available on the market. The 1 series is pure aluminum plate, the 2 series is copper alloy aluminum plate, the 3 series is fierce alloy aluminum plate, the 4 series is silicon alloy aluminum plate, the 5 series is magnesium alloy aluminum plate, and the 6 series is magnesium alloy aluminum plate. Magnesium silicon alloy aluminum plate, 7 series is magnesium zinc copper alloy aluminum plate;

Uses: Because the alloy composition of the material is different, the alloys of the 1st to 7th series have different applications.

a, 1 is represented by 1060, and the aluminum content reaches 99 or more;

b, 2 is represented by 2024, and copper element is added to the aluminum plate, which has better strengthening effect. However, if the same content is not well controlled, it will affect the color and mechanical properties of the aluminum plate. The main application is aviation. Aluminum, due to the relatively high production cost, there are not many manufacturers of 2 series aluminum alloy sheets, many users use the 5052 type aluminum alloy instead of the 2 series aluminum alloy sheets;

c, 3 series aluminum alloy plate is added with manganese element, has excellent anti-rust function, and is used more in refrigerators and air-conditioning components;

d, 4 series of aluminum alloys have added non-metallic elemental silicon, currently used on the market is relatively small, some are used in the construction field, such as doors and windows;

e, 5 series aluminum alloy has increased magnesium content, has good tensile strength, and has a very light quality and superior corrosion resistance in aviation, such as the fuel tank of an aircraft;

f, 6 series of aluminum alloy representatives of many manufacturers have been processed, 6061 and 6063, in the solution treatment is good for artificial aging, with very strong corrosion resistance, 6 series aluminum alloy integrated 4 series and 5 series aluminum alloy Advantages, often used as materials for joints in the aerospace industry;

g, 7 series aluminum alloy is a kind of plate with very high strength. The commonly used grade is 7075. The strength and hardness of this series are even higher than that of steel. It is not easy to be deformed after processing, and the performance of 2 series aluminum alloy plate is compared. Similarly, it is a very ideal aerospace aluminum material. The materials and cost of this series of materials are relatively high. Currently, they are mainly imported.

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