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CNC machining drawings how to analyze the processing process?- PTJ Manufacturing shop

PTJ (MINGHE) Factory specializes in high-precision cnc external processing. Under normal circumstances, the factory needs to analyze the product drawings when receiving the customer's drawings. After the analysis, the processing technology can be determined, including CNC lathes, machining centers, and vehicles. Milling compound center, etc., programmer programming also needs to analyze the drawings, to the final actual operation and product inspection, and the drawings are not separable, then, how do the drawings generally analyze the processing technology?

First, the dimensioning method in the cnc machining part drawing

The dimensions on the part drawings are an important basis for manufacturing and inspection of parts. The dimensions in the part drawings are not allowed to be produced in production. Dimensioning on the part drawing, in addition to the requirements for correctness, integrity and clarity, should also consider the rationality, both to meet the design requirements, but also to facilitate processing and measurement. About dimensioning mainly includes functional size, non-functional size, nominal size, basic size, reference size, repeat size, and the like. The dimensions of the parts drawings are complete and correct, which makes it easy for the processor to analyze, process and measure. According to these dimensional accuracy, the selected blank material size, material number and so on.

Second, analyze the geometric elements of the contour of cnc machining parts

The outline of the part is mainly composed of cylindrical surface, spherical surface, groove and keyway, inner hole and the like.

Third, analyze the structural processability of CNC machining parts

If the part is a slender shaft, the slender shaft has the characteristics of small diameter and long length. The machining process must be specified first. The general CNC lathe is not capable, the length is too long, and it is prone to shock or machining. The surface roughness value is too low, so the auxiliary tool holder and auxiliary fixture must be used for processing. Hongweisheng Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has a special CNC machine for this small diameter and long size product. Also pay attention to the heat treatment, because it will deform after hardening, and there will be limp or S type.

Fourth, analyze the precision and technical requirements of CNC machining parts

1. The accuracy of parts and various technical requirements are complete and reasonable.

2. The precision of CNC machining in the process is relatively high. Whether it can meet the requirements in the machining of CNC machine tools, it is divided into three steps: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing.

3. Whether the outer circle size has high positional accuracy requirements, all the processes in this section should be completed in one clamping process, except for the keyway.

4. For surfaces with high surface roughness, the circumferential constant line speed should be used for cutting.

This is the sharing of process analysis methods for CNC machining drawings by PTJ (MINGHE) Factory. Of course, different industry drawings require different products. For example, in the medical industry, general medical equipment requires very high material requirements for parts and components. The reason why the equipment manufacturer is responsible for the end user, the material quality and precision of the direct contact with the human body have high requirements. It is a matter of course. If you have the demand for precision cnc processing, please contact PTJ, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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