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High quality machining manufacturers

In the past few years, although cnc machine manufacturers have emerged constantly, but many areas of the market have higher requirements for products, not ordinary machine manufacturers can do it.

high quality machining manufacturersIt is more important to choose a high-quality machine manufacturer. How should users measure it?
Many purchases are facing this problem. PTJ Shop has more than ten years of experience in cnc machining. It involves product customization and batch processing in many industry fields. It summarizes the few items that need to be considered in selecting high-quality cnc machining manufacturers. Aspects. Mainly, users must pay attention to whether the factory has standard processing implementation plans, whether there are professional and standardized processes, and whether the product delivery capability is available. Below, we will elaborate on these points.

Implementation of conventional processing standards

For the processing standard, as long as it is a company engaged in cnc machining, it should pay attention to this. The processing standard is the precision guarantee after the product is made. Only the standard can be used to manufacture a qualified product. The influence of the defective product on the user is not so simple. Sometimes, because an accessory is a defective product, it affects the user's overall project. Losses are difficult to estimate.
Conventional processing standards such as: the processing of the structural assembly groove on the mold core is the same as the processing requirement of the mold blank; in the processing and discharge diagram, the Buddha takes the number according to the engineering parts drawing; More than 0.05mm/s, while large molds cannot exceed the standard of 0.08mm/s and so on.

Standard operating procedures

The operation process is the basis for ensuring the quality of the product. When selecting a mechanical processing plant, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the operation process of the machine processing plant.
Learn more about the details, such as: safety boot check before boot, start-up to zero, start warm-up is completed as required; program single mold number, workpiece number, reference angular orientation, XYZ three-axis access method and number of faces Determine whether it is reasonable; the cleaning and finishing of the workpiece on the workpiece before the machine and the tightening of the screw, the inspection of the workpiece; the inspection of the tool and the safety inspection and the inspection of the machining data at the beginning of the machining; the cleaning of the workpiece before the machine, etc. Whether the process is standardized and whether there are clear regulations.

Quality of workpiece delivery

The quality of the delivery of the workpiece is the most intuitive way to demonstrate the strength of the mechanical processing plant. Considering the quality of workpiece delivery, you can understand the companies that have previously worked with the mechanical processing plant. Ask them if the surface quality and size of the workpiece they received are the same as the drawings. The quality of delivery also includes the delivery cycle. Many manufacturers are claiming what free proofing, what to deliver in 3 days, etc. In fact, if people who understand this industry know that the operating costs of cnc machining manufacturers are not low, rent The cost of manpower and machinery is inevitable.

Strict quality control system

Many users often overlook this when conducting inspections. High-quality machining manufacturers must have a set of effective and perfect quality control systems, and small and inferior manufacturers are not willing to invest in this aspect. Take Hongweisheng's precision quality department equipment, spectrometer (mainly used for material analysis), coordinate measuring instrument, projector, surface roughness tester, etc. These equipments are enough to purchase several domestic CNC equipment, but For high-standard product testing, the absence of these measuring devices simply does not work.
Through the above analysis, do you have a deeper understanding of how to choose a supplier of high-quality machining manufacturers? I hope I can help you.

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