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Large Machining And Manufacturing Of Large Heavy Parts

cnc machining can make raw materials or semi-finished products more perfect by using scientific production technology on the basis of making raw materials or semi-finished products into finished products. Under normal circumstances, the parts produced by machining of large heavy parts mainly refer to the parts that can be assembled into machines, instruments and various The basic components of this equipment. Starting from the outline of the cnc machining and manufacturing process of large-scale heavy parts, this paper briefly introduces several important construction processes of the machining and manufacturing process of large-scale heavy-duty parts, and explores in detail from the improvement points of the machining and manufacturing process of large-scale heavy-duty parts and its Analysis of improvement measures is only provided as a reference for the industry of mechanical processing and manufacturing processes.

Key Words: large and heavy parts; machining; manufacturing process

Introduction to the machining and manufacturing process of large heavy parts

From the current development situation in China, it can be seen that social technology is constantly developing, the production technology of various industries is constantly improving, and the machining and manufacturing process of large-scale heavy parts is one of the important foundations of China's industrial system. Therefore, it is necessary to timely pile up China's machinery manufacturing industry. Carry out reforms, so as to achieve innovation, and can actively promote the development of China's national economy. Judging from the current situation, the traditional mechanical manufacturing process has been unable to meet the basic requirements of the current manufacturing, so there must be certain improvements and innovations in technology. In order to innovate better and put it into production, it is necessary to integrate new computer technology, information processing technology, and advanced automation control technology. The common applications of large and heavy parts are metallurgical equipment, cement equipment, mining equipment, and large and heavy equipment in thermal power and nuclear power industries. The machining equipment commonly used in the machining and manufacturing process of large and heavy parts can be selected according to the processing requirements of different types of large and heavy parts. requirements and standards.

The main processing stages of the machining and manufacturing process of large heavy parts

Under the background of globalization, China's economic situation has also made great progress, especially in the field of machinery manufacturing. , so that enterprises can get better development space, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably control the processing links of the manufacturing industry. At present, whether on the domestic stage or on the international stage, the development status and technological level of the machinery manufacturing industry are directly related to the country's market competition. Strictly supervise and manage each step of the manufacturing process, and at the same time improve the technological level, professional technology and proficiency of each manufacturing process, in order to optimize each processing process and step, and improve its overall manufacturing level and quality.

1. Product design stage

The product design stage is the first and most important stage in the machining and manufacturing process of large and heavy parts. Whether the overall design method of the product and the construction process conform to the standard will have a certain impact on the overall quality of the large-scale heavy-duty machining. In addition, the design of the large-scale heavy-duty product can also show the development direction and competition of the enterprise. Therefore, the relevant management personnel of the enterprise should pay attention to the above problems, strengthen the supervision during the product design process, strictly require the relevant designers, avoid major errors in the design process, and strictly check the design process and results. In the early stage of design, designers should also study the actual application of heavy machinery in order to better develop and plan the design scheme. In the process of obtaining various benefits, enterprises should not forget to pursue technological advancement and production process innovation. Only through continuous technological innovation can enterprises obtain long-term development space and social status. The design work of large-scale heavy machinery design mainly includes three major links, namely improved design, total deformation and innovative design. When designing and large cnc machining products, there are many factors that need to be considered for changes in the size and weight of the product, especially the impact on machining and manufacturing, which must be included in the design impact effect to ensure the scientificity of product design. accuracy.

2. Process design stage

The process design stage is the second stage of the large-scale heavy-duty machining and manufacturing process. When the design drawings of the large-scale heavy-duty products are completed, it is necessary to start a reasonable selection of machining and manufacturing companies to standardize the processing of large-scale heavy-duty products and make the products more in line with Customer and design requirements. The process design stage is mainly to determine the process documents required for processing and manufacturing large and heavy products. Since the process design stage is relatively complex, some difficult problems will be encountered during the design process, especially the machining of large and heavy parts. Therefore, attention should be paid to the process design stage, and the formulation of product plans should meet the requirements of customers and design as much as possible.

The main points of improvement in the machining and manufacturing process of large and heavy parts

1. Machining and manufacturing process specification

The important technical document of the machinery factory is the machining and manufacturing process regulations. In the process of formulating the machining and manufacturing process regulations, the principles of high yield, high quality and low cost must be followed to maximize the benefits under the premise of ensuring product quality. The machining and manufacturing process of large and heavy parts needs to ensure the advancement of technology. From the perspective of cost saving, it is necessary to choose a scientific and reasonable design scheme to reduce the cost of the enterprise. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the overall accuracy of the design, and on the basis of meeting the relevant requirements of the design, it can reduce the various costs of the enterprise and ensure the economic benefits of the enterprise.

2. The main points of blank selection in machining manufacturing process

Both the machining and manufacturing process and the quality of machining are affected by the blank, so the structure and type of the blank must be carefully and scientifically selected to make it conducive to the improvement of the machining and manufacturing process.

3. Selection of blank types

The more common blanks in the machining and manufacturing process mainly include castings, forgings, profiles, welded parts, etc., as well as some other blanks, such as cold extrusion parts, stamping parts, plastic pressing parts, etc. The type of blank is directly related to its performance and greatly affects the functioning of the hydraulic system. Therefore, in order to improve the machining of large and heavy parts, it is extremely necessary to select the correct type of blank, and it is also the primary consideration in the process of machining heavy machinery and equipment. For the selection of blank types, the following aspects should be considered: First, castings are mainly used for blanks with overly complex shapes. Such blanks need to be manufactured by casting. The commonly used casting manufacturing method is sand casting. Secondly, forgings are usually used for steel components, because forgings can have uniform and continuous metal fibers after forging, and this mechanical property can meet the complex stress requirements of steel components.

4. Several points to pay attention to when selecting the blank

In the selection of blanks, it is necessary to pay attention to some selection points. In terms of production program, some parts have higher requirements on the selection of blanks, and require blank manufacturing methods with high productivity and precision, which will cause the problem of high blank manufacturing costs. The method to solve the machining cost. In terms of material manufacturability, the appropriate blank manufacturing method is selected according to the manufacturability of different parts materials. Only by ensuring the rationality of blank selection can effectively improve the performance of the hydraulic system, improve the structure and function of the hydraulic system, and then improve the machining process of large and heavy parts.

Measures to improve the machining and manufacturing technology of large heavy parts

1. Optimize the design scheme

The design plan of the machining and manufacturing process for large and 3d printing metal parts is to draw drawings according to the needs of the finished product, and formulate the best product processing plan. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the design scheme, proofread the drawings in time, ensure the accuracy of the drawings, and improve the scientificity of the manufacturing scheme.

2. Select the blank

The blank mainly refers to the finished product and semi-finished product that has the required shape and needs to be processed again. The machining process and processing quality have high requirements on the blank. Therefore, the blank must be selected and carefully selected according to the material and type of the blank. pick.

3. Optimize the hydraulic equipment system

Because the mechanical processing and manufacturing are inseparable from the assistance of hydraulic equipment, the traditional hydraulic equipment system can no longer meet the requirements of modern mechanical processing and manufacturing, so it is necessary to optimize the hydraulic equipment system and improve the quality of the hydraulic press.

Conclusion: China's industrial technology has entered an era of rapid development, and traditional processing technology has been replaced by high-efficiency processing technology under the new situation. To ensure long-term progress and improvement in the field of China's large-scale heavy machinery processing and manufacturing, we must do a good job in the initial design work, ensure the overall quality of the design process, enhance the reliability of products, and reduce various risks in the production process. problem arises. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the use and innovation of mechanical processing equipment. While improving the current large-scale heavy-duty mechanical processing and manufacturing technology and design technology, it is necessary to learn from countries with more advanced technology in the world, and constantly introduce new technologies and new technologies. Process methods, continuously improve and promote the progress and innovation of China metal cnc machining machinery processing and manufacturing processes, lay a certain foundation for the development of China's machinery field, and can promote the development of enterprises and society, so that the development of China's machinery industry can be more Good service to people.

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