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Vertical cnc machining Center Disadvantages

The structure of the vertical machining center refers to the machining center where the spindle and the table are set to a vertical state, and the vertical machining center integrates the characteristics and functions of various CNC machine tools. The vertical machining center is developed from the basic CNC milling machine. It also integrates the characteristics and functions of the CNC milling machine.

vertical cnc machiningThe structure is basically the same and the machining process is somewhat similar. The vertical machining center is different from the CNC milling machine. Tool changer and tool magazine, while CNC milling machines do not have this feature. The vertical machining center can complete the multi-step machining such as milling, boring, drilling, tapping and tapping at one time, and the vertical machining center can realize at least three-axis two-linking, and the general vertical machining center can realize three-axis three. Linkage, some can carry out five-axis and six-axis control, the more the number of control axes, the wider the range of processing.

There are three main advantages of cnc vertical machining center, mainly cnc vertical machining center. Its structure is simple and easy to understand, easy to assemble, its structure is conducive to cooling, the application is very wide, and the chip removal is easy, and the workpiece can be well avoided. The surface is damaged, the floor space is small and the price is variable. So the cnc vertical machining center is sure that the shortcomings of the cnc vertical cnc machining china are mainly as follows:
  • Since the main shaft and the table of the vertical machining center are set in parallel, the workpieces processed have a certain height limit. Not only that, but also the fixtures and tools have certain size restrictions, and the robots have to occupy a large amount when changing the tools. Space.
  • From the above shortcomings, the cnc vertical machining center is less likely to process the box-like workpieces because the range of the machining-type workpieces is relatively small. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of vertical machining centers.

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