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How Cnc Machining Plants Calculate Production Capacity?

How cnc machining Plants Calculate Production Capacity?

Production capacity is an important issue for all enterprises and all levels of the enterprise. Production capacity refers to the maximum capacity that an operating unit can handle at full capacity. The work unit here can be a factory, department, machine, or individual worker.
In this type of enterprise, the organization of the production department adopts the principle of process specialization, and the input and output of products have long intervals and obvious periodicity. Their production capacity calculation is closely related to the division of workshops and teams in the principle of process specialization.

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Calculate the production capacity of batch machining enterprises

(1) Calculate the capacity of a single device
Because the cnc machined parts are not a single variety, the number can reach hundreds or thousands. All parts have different shapes and sizes, different machining steps, and different machining time. At this time, the output cannot be calculated, but the effective machining time provided by the equipment can be used to calculate it, which is called machine time.
(2) Calculate the production capacity of the shift team
Workshop teams are the smallest production units. Each team is equipped with a certain number of equipment with the same machining technology, but their performance and capabilities are not necessarily the same. Therefore, the production capacity of the calculation team starts from a single device, and then the production capacity of these devices is integrated and calculated.
If the machining technical parameters of all the equipment in the shift are not much different, the sum of the time of all equipment is the production capacity of the shift. If the technical parameters are very different, at this time, it is necessary to separately count the machine hours of different parameter equipment, and focus on checking whether the machining capacity of some large workpieces can meet the production requirements.
(3) Determine workshop capacity
Since the machining object of a team is a part, their capabilities should be measured in machine hours. For the workshop, its production object is often the number of products or parts. Therefore, its production capacity should be measured in terms of output. The conversion between man-hours and output is relatively simple.
(4) Determine the factory capacity
The production capacity of the factory can be determined according to the capacity of the main production workshop, and the workshop with insufficient capacity can be solved by adjustment measures.

Calculate the production capacity of assembly line enterprises

(1) Calculate the production capacity of the assembly line
The production capacity of the assembly line depends on the production capacity of each process equipment, so it is calculated from a single piece of equipment.
The calculation formula is as follows: M order = He / ti, where: M order-the production capacity of a single device; He-the planning period (year) effective working time (hours) of a single device; ti-a single product in this Quota of machining time on the equipment (hours / piece).
If the process is undertaken by one piece of equipment, the production capacity of a single piece of equipment is the capacity of the procedure. When the process is undertaken by N equipment, the process production capacity is M units × N.
(2) Determine the production capacity of the workshop
If it is a manufacturing workshop, it has both a part machining line and a component assembly line. At this time, its production capacity should be determined by the capacity of the assembly line. Even if there are individual parts whose machining capacity is lower than the assembly line capacity, they should be determined according to this principle.
If it is a parts machining workshop, each part has a dedicated production line, and all parts are supporting the products of the enterprise, then the production capacity of the workshop should depend on the capacity of the production line with the smallest production capacity.
(3) Determine the production capacity of the enterprise
Due to the large differences in the machining objects and machining technologies between different workshops, the equipment used in the performance varies greatly, and the production capacity is inconsistent. Therefore, the production capacity of the basic production workshop is usually determined according to the leading production link. When the production capacity of the basic production workshop and the auxiliary production department are not consistent, the enterprise should decide on the production capacity of the basic production workshop.

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