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Cutting Conditions For Difficult-To-Machine Materials

Cutting Conditions For Difficult-To-Machine Materials

Cutting conditions for difficult-to-machine materials have traditionally been set relatively low. With the improvement of tool performance, the advent of high-speed and high-precision CNC machine tools, and the introduction of high-speed milling methods, currently,laser cutting of difficult-to-machine materials has entered high-speed machining, tools Long life.

Difficult-To-Machine MaterialsNowadays, using a small depth of cut to reduce the load on the cutting edge of the tool, which can increase the cutting speed and feed rate, has become the best way to cut difficult-to-machine materials. Of course, it is also very important to choose the tool material and tool geometry that are suitable for the unique properties of difficult-to-machine materials, and to optimize the cutting path of the tool.

For example, when drilling materials such as stainless steel Alloy 17-4PH, because the material has a low thermal conductivity, it is necessary to prevent a large amount of cutting heat from staying on the cutting edge. For this reason, intermittent cutting should be used to avoid friction between the cutting edge and the cutting surface. Generates heat, which will help extend tool life and ensure stable cutting. When rough machining difficult-to-machine materials with a ball end mill, the tool shape and fixture should be well matched, which can improve the runout accuracy and clamping rigidity of the cutting part of the tool, so that under high-speed rotation conditions, each The feed rate is maximized and the tool life is extended.

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