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What are the methods of removing burrs from cnc machined parts?

The methods of removing burrs

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 removing burrs Today, we have summarized the common methods of removing burrs from precision machined parts. Let's take a look at them all.

A.die deburring

The burr is made by making a die with a punch.
Brief comment:
A certain die (rough die + fine die) production cost is required, and it may be necessary to make a shaping die.
It is suitable for products with simple parting surface, and the efficiency and deburring effect are better than manual.

B.manual deburring

This is also a common method used by general enterprises, using sickles, sandpaper, grinding heads, etc. as auxiliary tools. The file has a manual file and a pneumatic shift.
Brief comment:
Labor costs are expensive, efficiency is not very high, and complex cross holes are difficult to remove.
The technical requirements for workers are not very high, and products with small burrs and simple product structure are suitable.

C.frozen deburring

The burr is quickly embrittled by cooling, and then the projectile is sprayed to remove the burr.
Brief comment:
The price of equipment is about 200,000 and 300,000;
Suitable for products with small wall thickness and small after removing burrs

D.rinding deburring

Such deburring includes vibration, sand blasting, rollerting, etc. Currently, enterprises use more.
Brief comment:
There is a problem that the removal is not very clean, and it may be necessary to manually process the residual burrs or to deburr other ways.
Suitable for small products with large batch sizes.

E.engraving machine deburring

Brief comment:
The price of the equipment is not very expensive (tens of thousands), it is suitable for the simple spatial structure, and the required deburring position is simple and regular. deburring

Also called heat to deburring, exploding to deburring. By passing some of the easy gas into a furnace of the equipment, and then through some medium and conditions, the gas is instantaneously exploded, and the energy generated by the explosion is used to dissolve and remove the burr.
Brief comment:
Expensive equipment (up to millions of prices), high technical requirements, low efficiency, side effects (rust, deformation);
Mainly used in some high-precision parts and components, such as automotive and aerospace precision parts.

G.electrolytic deburring

An electrolytic processing method for removing burrs of metal parts by electrolysis.
Brief comment:
The electrolyte is corrosive, and the vicinity of the burr of the part is also subjected to electrolysis. The surface will lose its original luster and even affect the dimensional accuracy. After the workpiece is deburred, it should be cleaned and rust-proofed.
Electrolytic deburring is suitable for removing burrs of hidden parts or complex shaped parts in parts, and the production efficiency is high. The deburring time generally takes only a few seconds to several tens of seconds.
It is suitable for deburring of gears, connecting rods, valve bodies and crankshaft oil passage orifices, as well as rounding of sharp corners.

H.chemical deburring

Deburring is automatically and selectively performed on parts made of metal materials by the principle of electrochemical reaction.
Brief comment:
Suitable for internal burrs that are difficult to remove, suitable for small burrs (thickness less than 7 filaments) for pump bodies, valve bodies, etc.

I.ultrasonic deburring

Ultrasonic waves produce an instantaneous high pressure to remove burrs.

J.high pressure water jet deburring

Using water as the medium, it uses its instantaneous impact force to remove the burrs and flashes produced after processing, and at the same time achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Brief comment:
The equipment is expensive and is mainly used in the heart of the car and the hydraulic control system of the construction machinery.the methods of removing burrs
The above is the common method for removing parts burrs from cnc processing manufacturers. Do you know more about the deburring of precision parts? PTJ Manufacturing Shop has a core-type CNC lathe, a knife-type CNC lathe, and a turning-milling combined machining center. And cnc machining center, can achieve 0.01mm processing accuracy, the company took the lead through ISO19001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and other quality management certification, is one of the few manufacturers in Shenzhen with auto parts processing qualification, welcome to call us, we will be happy at your service.

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