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Explanation Of Several Common Reasons For Overcutting Of Machined Parts

Several Common Reasons For Overcutting Of Machined Parts

There are many reasons for overcutting the workpiece during cnc machining. If the overcutting of the workpiece is too light, it will be processed after welding. In other words, the workpiece will be directly discarded, especially when the workpiece is overcut. How to deal with it

Several Common Reasons For Overcutting Of Machined Parts1.If the workpiece is overcut, if it is manually programmed, it is forgotten to consider the tool radius in the programming. It is caused by carelessness. If it is software programming, it may be the selected tool centering instead of tangent. Both programming methods will Causes overcutting of the machined part.

2. There is also a fault in the selection of the cutting tool. For example, a milling cutter with a diameter of 16mm is used in the program, but a milling cutter with a diameter of 20mm is used. Although the difference of 4mm seems to be small to the naked eye, the processed workpiece will not be much different. The whole becomes smaller. This requires carefully checking whether the diameter of the tool is reasonable before machining. Don't be lucky.

3. There is another reason for the overcutting of the workpiece. The workpiece coordinate system is entered incorrectly when the zero position is hit. You must remember to offset the radius value of a zero bar, the tool compensation input is wrong, the tool length, and the tool radius compensation must be entered correctly. If the tool length input length is 0.5mm, then the workpiece will be cut by 0.5mm, and it will not be used directly for large workpieces. The tool radius compensation is positive or negative, and it must be considered before cnc machining. Otherwise, it will also cause The workpiece is overcut.

The above are several common reasons for overcutting of machined parts. Others include loose spindle and low accuracy of ball screw, which will cause overcutting during machining. After overcutting, check the cause in time to prevent similar situations from happening again.

After our PTJ CNC machining customers receive the product, if the product does not meet the standard, we first analyze the problem. If it is our machining error, we will arrange a redo or a full refund as soon as possible. If it is due to If the buyer's drawing is incorrect and the product is scrapped, it will be discussed separately. Any problem can be satisfactorily resolved through communication and negotiation until you are satisfied.

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