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How to keep the precision of the size of turned aluminum parts stable? - PTJ Manufacturing Shop

Keep size of turned aluminum parts stable

When many manufacturers are processing aluminum alloy parts, there will be some factors that lead to the inaccuracy of the finished products after machining.

size of turned aluminum parts stableInevitable factors

1.The thermal expansion and contraction deformation of the workpiece. The thermal expansion and contraction deformation of the workpiece after processing is unavoidable, so we should pay attention to the cooling effect during processing, and increase the frequency of the measurement in the machine, and pay attention to the deformation of the workpiece after cooling.

2.The stability of the machine itself. If the machine tool is not new or the machine has been processed in large quantities and has not been commissioned, the dimensional deviation caused by the machine itself may occur. The factors that cause the machine's own deviation are as follows:


  • Loose between the servo motor and the lead screw
  • Ball screw bearing or nut wear
  • Insufficient lubrication between the lead screw and the nut
Electrical aspects:
  • Servo motor failure
  • There is dirt inside the grating scale
  • The servo amplifier is faulty.

Avoidable factors

  1. The processing technology should control the processing error, which is inseparable from the reasonable processing technology. In addition to ensuring the basic processing technology (such as milling and cnc machining, the first coarse and fine, the first back hole, the first In principle, the principle of "reducing the number of times of clamping, using the combination of fixtures and other basic processing details" in the use of the large-faced small face", as well as minimizing the processing error caused by aluminum chips on aluminum parts, we all know The aluminum parts are very soft, and the excluded scraps are very easy to cause machining errors in the aluminum parts.
  2. Manual Programming Numerical Calculation In manual programming, it is very common to have errors in the calculation process. Although it is basically automatic programming now, if you encounter manual programming, you should pay more attention to it.
  3. Cutting three elements: cutting speed vc, feed rate f, cutting depth ap and tool compensation. In this respect, simply speaking, under the premise of ensuring tool wear and machining quality, the cutting parameters are adjusted to make the cutting of the tool. Performance can be fully utilized to maximize cutting efficiency and lowest processing costs. In CNC lathes, there are also factors such as cutter head wear compensation that need to be considered.
  4. Accurate tool setting: If the tool is inaccurate, it will cause dimensional error. Therefore, the edge finder should be selected as much as possible. Under certain conditions, it is best to equip the machine with a laser tool setting tool to ensure the tool setting. Precision. If there is no edge finder and no conditions, only the simplest test method is available.
Above, we have summarized the factors that can be avoided and are unavoidable. Then, do you understand that the dimensional progress of aluminum alloy parts for CNC lathe processing is stable? PTJ Shop focuses on the custom processing and mass production of precision parts. The company has more than 50 sets of precision CNC machining machines. You are welcome to call us for more information.

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