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Surface Treatment Of Precision Parts

Surface Treatment Of Precision Parts

Precision parts have higher requirements for strength and toughness in actual work.Its working performance and service life have a great relationship with its surface properties, and the improvement of surface properties cannot be achieved by relying solely on materials.

robot precision parts machiningIt is an economical method, but its performance must meet the standard in actual machining. At this time, surface treatment technology is needed, which can often achieve the effect of doing more with less. In recent years, this technology has also developed rapidly. Mold polishing technology is a very important link in the field of mold surface treatment, and it is also an important process in the machining of workpieces. The surface treatment process of precision parts is very important in the machining process, so what are the surface treatment processes of precision parts?

It is worth reminding that the polishing process of the mold surface of precision parts is not only affected by the process and polishing equipment, but also by the mirror surface of the part material. This is not enough in current machining. The importance of this also shows that the polishing itself is affected by the material. Although the machining technology that improves the surface properties of precision parts is constantly innovated and upgraded, the most widely used in precision parts machining are mainly hardened film deposition, nitriding, and carburizing technologies.

Because nitriding technology can obtain a very high level of surface properties, and the process of nitriding technology has a very high degree of consistency with the quenching process of steel in precision parts, and the nitriding temperature is very low. Nitrogen technology does not require intense cooling after treatment, so the deformation of precision parts will be very small. Therefore, nitriding technology is also one of the earliest technologies used to enhance the surface properties when precision parts are processed, and it is also currently applied The most extensive.

The above is the introduction of the "surface treatment process of precision parts". I hope to bring you some help. PTJ Shop is a professional manufacturer of non-standard metal parts. For ¢ 0.5- ¢ 20mm stainless steel, titanium, Aluminium and other metal precision parts have been manufactured for many years. The products are involved in many industries. We can manufacture products that satisfy customers according to the different needs of customers. We sincerely welcome all major manufacturers to inquire and customize.

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